Aug 21, 2017
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Around 2017, Google prevented the old route that I used to take to request access to hidden address listings.

Luckily, I found out there was another way (basically pasting in a link, and copying in the CID to the space with the 0000's).

I was AGHAST today when I discovered that this link is leading to a 500 error, but only for hidden address listings.


Basically, from now on, it looks like we will just have to set up a duplicate page right away instead of sending an Ownership Request.

Has anyone else seen this? :eek:


Aug 21, 2017
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Yes we will have to do that. It's just unfortunate because we aren't able to just send an access request to these listings now, as that was our main way of doing that.

So my fear is that I will create a duplicate listing for a listing that the business owner ACTUALLY owns in their account, since they can't get a notification anymore to easily share access.
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