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Sep 11, 2013
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This client is a 50 year old chamber of Commerce with a new CEO and Director of Marketing who do not have a first hand knowledge of the history of any Google Places page nor the Google+ site. We are creating a reponsive mobile site and will be making a proposal for optimizing their Google+ presence.

The Google+ site does not appear to be claimed nor verified by Google.

When we request verification will be able to create a profile in a person's name and create a new Google+ Business Page for the Chamber?

Or should we suggest to the client that this Google+ site be deleted and we create a Place page using the official business name?

Thanks for the support.

Note from Linda - This was a continuation of questions from this post:
Hi Alex, glad you posted with link. The confusion I was having was with the names you are referring to.

1) That is not a G+ page it's an unclaimed Place page AKA Google+ Local page.

They can just claim it. That's the page that ranks in search and has reviews. It must be the business name, not a persons name. You would never change the Chambers business name to a personal name. SO your rebranding Q in the other thread does not really make sense.

The G+ page and profile are different pages.

2) Like I said in the other post Google recommends NOT creating a separate G+ page and to just wait for the Place page to be auto-upgraded to G+.

3) BUT if you can't wait, once you claim that existing Place page you should be in the new Places dash.

USE THE G+ WIDGET to create the G+ page. That's safest but you still need to create a profile page. (If you wait for upgrade it bypasses the need for a profile.)

That will give you a merged page that's a Place page that ranks in search and has reviews + a G+ page with all the social features.

Does that make sense?

If not let's see if this helps: Crazy Google Local Page Name Conundrum - Clearing the Confusion
Well that one won't tell you anything about "the disadvantages are to using the "G+ WIDGET to create the G+ page." That was written before the widget was born.

There are really no disadvantages. The only other option is to manually create a G+ profile, then a G+ page then merge it with the Place page. But that's the option that's buggy and can be a disadvantage and that's the option Google recommends not doing now and just waiting for the auto-upgrade, but if you can't wait you can use the widget.

Here is another threads that may help tie it all together. By the way posts like this about major Google updates are usually in the Google+ Local IMPORTANT section of the forum.

Google Begins Auto-Upgrade of G+ Local Listings to Google+ Business Pages

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