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Apr 9, 2014
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I am the manager of several business on G+ they all share the same emailaccount.

Recently a client made a Google Local/Maps/Places listing but already had a G+ page (which I control for him)

I transfered control of the unverified Listing to my email.

Now I have the business twice in my account listings! DOH.PNG
The first is the unverified LocaL/Maps/Places page, the other is the clients G+ site with 280 fans. How do I merge the two pages? Or delete the first page and then add location data to the G+ page? Please help

Depending on the circumstances, you can call Google Places Support to have them merged or just delete the page within the dashboard. Also, providing links to the pages in question well allow people to dig in a little bit.
Thanks Linda

So I should be able to delete the page without any followers and then add a location to the G+ with fans?

Which leads me to my next question. How do I add a location to the G+ with fans?
To me it does not look like either of those G+ pages are maps/places/local listings.

No map on about page, no reviews. And both those pages have story/tag line.
So those are both G+ pages.

IS it safe to delete the page with no followers? And then claim the location with the other page?
Is noone on this great forum able to help?

Sorry, but please understand this is a volunteer forum, they all are busy and people help when they have time to.

IS it safe to delete the page with no followers? And then claim the location with the other page?

Additionally, those were G+ Brand pages not even set up in the local category and since most here specialize more in G+ Local, I think that's why you didn't get a reply. It's kind of a unique problem.

In the past if you set the page up in the wrong category (brand instead of local) you were just out of luck.

But I think this new option might help:
<a href="">New Google Local Option - Switch Place Page Over to a G+ Brand Page</a>

But if you ARE SURE they don't already have a G+ Local listing, then create one. (Create it in the Google My Business Dashboard and use one of the 1st 2 options NOT the brand option) It will automatically create a G+ page that will be merged into it. Then after that page is live, try doing what's explained in the post above to switch the Local listing to the G+ page with followers.

FOR IT TO WORK - I'm pretty sure you need to create the new G+ L listing in the same account that G+ brand page is in.

HOWEVER this is kind of a work around. I can't guide you step by step and all I know is in that post.

And yes you can delete G+ pages.

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