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Oct 21, 2016
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I am currently in a 7 day free trial of UpCity (SEO Software | Inbound Marketing Software | UpCity) and I have to say it might be just what I was looking for. For anyone who manages clients, I would check this out.

I have a small SEO company and it appears perfect for walking you through step by step on both Global and Local SEO.

I am currently testing out my own site and found a few items I missed.

They have a really cool section called Task Manager that allows you to checkoff various SEO tasks that you need to perform. Each task has an estimated time to fix, which is rather nice if you are charging by the hour, because you can give your client a detailed list of what you did and how long it took.

The other cool thing about the task part is if you have multiple people working with the client, you can assign tasks for the other people with due dates.

You can also categorize each task as you progress through the list, which makes it really efficient.

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