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Jul 27, 2012
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Hi Guys

My UK client finally got upgraded to the new Places dashboard! But it is claimed in a Google account that is separate from all their other Google properties.

Obviously I dont want to go through all the hassle of reclaiming it into a new account :(

I can see an option to keep this account as the Owner and make the other account an Admin of this Page so hopefully access everything from one place - but only if I upgrade to Google+ Social.


1. Is the advice still to wait for Google to make that transition automatically rather than stepping in manually?

2. Will giving the other account Admin access mean that I can access everything from one place?

3. Anyone got any experience of using Owners and Admins that they would like to share?
Jo - I hope I understand your situation. If you have the new dash and use the automatic upgrade to Google+, then you can make the other account a "manager". After 2 weeks of being a manager, you can transfer ownership of the listing over to that account you want to use.

Try this:

Hope this helps.
1. Is the advice still to wait for Google to make that transition automatically rather than stepping in manually?

The advice is still against setting up a separate G+ page and doing a verification to force the merge that way. But I believe once you have the new dash using the G+ widget is probably fine. Although once you have the new dash, I think the auto-upgrade to G+ can happen fairly quickly so could also just try to wait til it happens naturally.
Thanks Linda and Rawly. I will check out that documentation but I have to admit that all my senses say - wait for Google to upgrade it.

It's a shame because I suspect that she won't merge it with the page that I set up in the very early days when you could first have a Business page if I leave it which has 71 followers but rather the one she set up for me when she split my YouTube account into business and personal :O

I've waited this long, a few more weeks of patience...
When you talked about using the widget I thought you just wanted to upgrade to G+.

There is already a business page? Then manually upgrading with the G+ widget I don't think would do the trick either. I believe that will just create a new G+ page too.
In which case, I am definitely letting Google sort out her own mess and then will go in and tidy up what I don't want! :O

Honestly, I do have one or two clients where there isn't a nightmare :)

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