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Jan 28, 2020
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Hi All,

Is anyone else experiencing an unprecedented amount of GBP suspensions? I had 3 separate profiles suspend after doing a post on the account. Other accounts are suspending after making changes to business hours or main categories.

These are across 3 different countries and listings are managed by different Users (in different countries, different logins etc).

Its been about 1-2 weeks of this.

Is this the same for any other agencies?

Thanks ahead!
Changing categories can trigger a suspension. I know that Google was suspended business profiles for updating the hours and that was a bug and shouldn't be happening. Getting suspended for creating a post is not normal and sounds like a bug.
We just got an email that our business is suspended and nobody made any changes to the profile... does anyone know why that might've happened?

Google performs integrity checks on profiles and accounts, so they may have seen past activity or something on the business profile that was in violation. A competitor could have used suggest an edit or reported you via the redressal form.

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