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Dec 8, 2014
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I've been assembling a few data points for myself and was wondering if it might make sense to clean it up and share it.

I am building a few core citations for my client and am using:
  • BrightLocal for reporting therefore there is a focus on "key citations"; I have since learned there are BrightLocal lists for each country (thanks to a thread on this platform!)
  • Loganix for building citations - unfortunately for this one client, of the 69 citations that Loganix built, 57 are not on the BrightLocal list at all; 9 are on the list of BrightLocal Key Citations and 3 are on the BL list but not key citations --> this is for one client, one service that they offer and is not a reflection of anyone's service being good or bad
  • WhiteSpark list of citations for our country

I was thinking of building a document that highlights which citations are common across the 3 platforms --> with the caveat that this was created on a particular date, and targets a particular country.

This might be more useful for clients rather than agencies but thought I'd see your thoughts. I'm building it for myself but it would not be as sexy as if I were sharing it :)
Sounds like it could be interesting. Definitely share it here :)

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