Chris Alphen

Jul 23, 2012
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Hi Folks,
I've seen this several times in the last few days as its come up in Baltimore and I've probably seen the tweets. I've got questions and perhaps a resident link expert can shed some light.

Great idea though for service providers to place and link to state lic info. So, I'm thinking by linking to the data you're sending Google down the trail and if the page you're on is not in the index it will be. Good for you to get a high value link or citation. Is that how this works? Wouldn't that also surface your competitors so it would be a wash?

Since I work with a lot of contractors I'm thinking - How can I get a link or citation from the building permit application or any other municipal paperwork.

Am I on the right track here and if so I'll keep investigating and report back.

By the way - great stuff coming out of both Baltimore and SMX thanks for the tweets.

Linda Buquet

Local Search Expert
Jun 28, 2012
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Sorry Chris, your post got lost among all the bug crushing posts we have going suddenly. :eek:

I think it's a great idea. And I would not worry too much about linking to a page with the competition. BECAUSE they likely were not smart enough to link to the page and they link - even though it's an outbound link should be a good one.

Keep us posted.

Marie Ysais

Sep 18, 2012
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What you said is exactly why you would do it. You are leading Google straight to the source and helping it get indexed. Really its about indexing and also a good tip for local seo. I wouldn't worry about the competitors aspect.

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