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Sep 5, 2016
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Hello Everyone

I was wondering if anyone has come across this issue before

We all know that certain categories have more stringent verification methods , locksmith , garage door etc

I was wondering if the case is the same for certain countries as I have been trying to verify two new clients in countries where the maps seem less defined and full of detail

This is meaning that the postcard is not arriving , instead of letting verify us over the phone they keep asking for advance verification , as far as I am aware the internet is not strong enough for a live tour so this option is difficult also

They want the advanced as they can not satisfy themselves as the quality of the overall map is not good enough in the area

has anyone else experienced this
I wouldn't be surprised if this was the case. If you want to post the details of the business over at the GMB forum, I'd be happy to ask Google about it.
Which countries @Chaddow , We do alot of verifications in south east Asia an the pacific islands.

We have found some of them do have different processes if there is not much local data to go by ( citations etc)
Hello @andrewthorn

The one I am really having trouble with is in Botswana and the other is in the Maldives

I have been able to add maps information to the location in Botswana but still having trouble with the verification

I think now the maps changes have been achieved it would likely be verified through twitter support but that is still not available yet. So might have to create a forum post if it does not open soon as the call support is not being much help while the client is asking about next steps

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