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Oct 15, 2013
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Are watermarks of any kind allowed in photos uploaded to a GMB listing?

For example, one particular business has their photos 'taken' frequently, and used by other local biz or end up on other websites. So, they've put a watermark (their company logo) in the corner of each photo they upload to the GMB listing.

I haven't seen anything in the Google My Business guidelines that state you can't have a watermark.

Are watermarks or logos on photos allowed?
I just looked through various pages of guidelines and did not find any restrictions on watermarks with images.

This is the most specific I could find:

"The photo should be in focus, well-lit, have no photoshop alterations, and no excessive use of filters. The image should represent reality. "

>> no photoshop alterations
Well, there you go. That says that you can't make any changes to photos. So, that would technically include a watermark.
I have seen it on Zomato for example, top photographers watermarking their photos.

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