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Oct 9, 2019
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Hi all,

Today we discovered a website that has copied ours (some page content and photos) word for word, keeping our business name in there and all. (I discovered it looking for unlinked mentions). The phone number on the site goes to a marketing company in a different state, but the domain seems to be registered in Reykjavik, so if anything I assume they were also randomly thrown into this.

5 pages are word for word copied, and then their homepage has some of their own, but still a lot of ours.

Has anyone encountered this? Or any advice on what we need/should do about this? (If anything)

Thank you so much in advance!
File a DCMA request. They will be forced to remove the content or they will be suspended by the host.

Do what @keyserholiday says ^^

I have had to do this a few times and eventually it works. Sometimes it takes longer than other times, depending upon who the host is. Once I had to send physical letters via certified mail, but in the end, they all have complied. It's a real nuisance, though. For what it's worth: I have only had this happen with companies located in the USA. It might be more difficult for situations where the offender or the host is in a different country.

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