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Aug 21, 2017
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I received this weird email from Google in my account. It seems like they are going to remove the account completely or something to that effect? I will be reaching out to support but just wondering if anyone else has received an email like this.

There haven't been any emails sent in the past while to this account, either, which is super confusing.

Subject: You have a few more days to update your Google My Business account

@aputtock, was this email from a legitimate email or is there any chance that it's a phishing scam?
Excellent point. Check the return email address and the email headers.

Even the opening, "Hello from Google", doesn't sound like the usual emails from Google. And whatever you do, don't click that link to log into your GM account - and if you already did, change your password now!
If the account is a legacy account (created in G+ days) this may be tied to how they had encouraged users to login one every 6 months or they would remove accounts.

I would absolutely go in and update something. Just in case.
Not yet. I'll follow up now.
We got one of these as well for one of our clients.
GMB email.png

When we go in the account, there is nothing that is flagged as needing updated. In the Info tab though, there is a "Confirm" button to click to confirm recent updates, but nothing happens when we click it. Not too sure what's going on but my email matches OP's almost word-for-word and it looks perfectly legitimate.
I don't know if this is related. We never got an email that looks like that but we do have this notification within the GMB account. It seems related because of the "Submit" button mentioned. Has anyone else seen this?

GMB Message Nov 11 2019.png
Interesting - Does that listing show up in the dashboard with a Google Update notification, like this:

@aputtock Google confirmed that email you originally posted about is legit and the information in it is accurate.
@aputtock Yes, they have the "Review Updates" button as well.

@Colan Nielsen Does this mean that any GMB listing has to take some sort of action by November 18? Our listings that have similar messaging within the listing didn't get emails, but this sounds scary.
As far as I can gather you need to "log in and confirm/update their listing's information, or we will have to remove their listing"

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