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Jun 28, 2012
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Welcome to the new Adwords & Paid Ads forum! (Which I realize is long overdue!) Considering the state of Local Search and by popular demand we finally got around to setting up/launching...

With all the new changes pointing to even more ways Google will be monetizing Local, many consultants who have not gotten into Adwords yet are considering. PLUS we already have lots of Adwords pros here who can help if anyone has Qs.

In addition to Adwords, this forum will include discussions about any other type of paid local ads Google may offer such as Nearby Business Ads, Home Service Ads, the new 3 Pack ads that are coming & any other new Pay-to-Play options Google sends our way.

Additionally, if you have questions or comments about other types of paid advertising outside of Google, feel free to post them here.

I've searched for and moved as many recent Adwords and Google Pay-to-Play posts as my little hands could handle, so there is a lot of great info in this forum already. However I could not go back very far. So if you see other posts that should be moved here, let me or a mod know.

Check out everything the Adwords & Paid Ads forum has to offer,
with a click of your mouse, right now!

What do you think?
(Better late than never!)

Any other forums we should add?
(FYI I have another new one launching tomorrow if my hands hold out long enough today.)

Great idea Linda! AdWords is an integral part of any Local Marketing campaign these days. It can't be ignored.

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