Jan 30, 2019
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Just thinking broadly here, I have some exposure to doing LocalSEO campaigns but only really to the level of setting up & reporting on GMB, building a few citations etc. What would a more "professional" level campaign look like? I've put some ideas on the table:

Discovery/initial phase:
  • Keyword research & opportunity analysis
  • Competitor research / benchmarking
  • Strategy to define what what to prioritise
During campaign:
  • Citations / directory submissions (which can be free/cheap/premium)
  • Localized on-site landing page content creation, publication
  • LocalSEO audit
    • GMB audit
    • Citation audit
    • Reviews audit
  • Offsite local & hyper-local link-aquisition (guest posting, ghost posting, content outreach, link magnets etc) for location pages
  • Onsite localised & topical content, possibly to feature in landing pages
  • Google reviews management (response, resolution, solicitation etc)
  • Reporting on key KPI's
  • Broader link-aquisition campaign to improve back-link profile of root domain and location pages
  • GMB setup of additional locations (fake? blackhat?)
What other type of deliverables can typically be included included when laying out an initial and then ongoing localseo campaign?


Jun 26, 2013
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Everything you included looks fine.

Google "SEO proposals" and you'll find a long list of everything you can include.

I know "on-site" SEO can become very detailed so that might be an area you expand on as it would increase the size of your list and help with deliverables for the on-site phase.
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