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Aug 7, 2013
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Ken Lyons over at Search Engine land posted a blog reviewing 26 Free / Free-to-try tools for marketers. I am constantly testing tools, but there are a few I use on a regular basis.

Skype, Google Drive, Basecamp / Highrise are a few I use daily. Do you have any favorites?

There are three things that successful marketers do well:

  • Adapt to new standards.
  • Collaborate with team members.
  • Leverage the best tools to streamline and scale their efforts.
The digital marketing landscape is constantly evolving. And those new standards ? best practices, social networks, consumer preferences, etc. ? seem to change on a weekly basis.
Unfortunately, an ever-changing landscape is really out of a marketer?s control. The best you can do it educate yourself and adjust.
But the second two instruments in a successful marketer's belt ? effective collaboration and killer tools ? are completely within your reach.

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Another great topic for our members. Thanks Justin!
Good topic :)

I'm always on the hunt for tools that increase productivity. Here's my list:

1) Snaggit + YouTube for client videos
2) for proposals -> new to this, but LOVE it
3) Good 'ole email =\
4) - mind mapping software - easy to share.
5) - task / team / project manager - free.
6) Shared Google Spreadsheets
7) Dropbox

Now those are tools I use to collaborate, but here is my tool box for work:

1) Sublime Text 2 - awesome for coding
2) Filezilla FTP - duh
3) Office 365 for my words and excels
4) PhotoPlus for my FREE photo editing
5) DrawPlus PAID - for vector file editing
6) Stupeflix for videos, but trying out Movie Plus free soon.
7) GistBox - The Beautiful Way to Organize Code Snippets - awesome code snippet manager
8) Evernote - where or where would I be without Evernote? :D
9) Page Ruler - Chrome Extension
10) Fire Bug - Chrome Extension
11) Last Pass - for passwords and stuffs
12) DesktopServer - for local development and super awesome deployment!
13) ColorZilla - Chrome Extension
14) Lorem Ipsum Generator - Chrome Extension
15) WP Migrate DB Pro - awesome for copying client sites for local dev work

and yeah, there's more...

Fun topic :)
Hey Justin,

The best free tool that we use is an organization application called Trello. You can sign up for free with your Gmail account at It is great for collaboration because you can create boards for specific tasks or clients. Once you have a board, you can create organized cards within card decks. What I like best about this app is that you can assign one or multiple people to tasks and set due dates. You can also create checklists on these cards and create descriptions. The color-coding is also a great feature because it lets everyone using the board how far along a tasks is or what kind of tasks the card is. Trello is very simple to learn and once you do I think it's one of the best ways for an organization to collaborate. Hope you find this helpful.
I second Trello.

Also, just checked out bidsketch. Looks pretty awesome.

Is anyone else using it?
I saw this one on a thread, but check out Asana. It's pretty handy for project management (kind of like basecamp), and sends you email updates for upcoming due dates on projects. Simple, handy, and free up to a certain number of users.
Another happy Trello user here. It has such an easy click and drag interface that makes collaboration such a breeze.
Podio is a great collaboration tool, and it's free for a limited amount of users.
I would second trello as a great way to manage tasks for a team ... you could also look at Pivotal Tracker Pivotal Tracker | Agile Project Management which is big in the software development space.

I have been hearing so much about slack though and have just signed up ... if the onboarding process is anything to go by its a winner .. but they are exploding at the moment so must be good.

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