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Dec 9, 2014
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I have transferred a listing connected to an old account of mine to new account, and asked google support team on phone to merge the old listing with new one. Unfortunately after couple of days i see two listings , the new one is connected to Google map, and the other only visible when you search

New Listing

The Old One

After multiple back and forth communications with their local business support they responded with this

" The page that you were inquiring about to get removed is not a page that is connected to maps, It used to be connected to maps and then it was deleted. There is no way that we can get rid of this page. If you would like to use the custom URL, you would need to have been the one who deleted the listing so that you can verify it in your account so that you can use the custom URL."

I called them again and they told me the only way to fix this is to re claim the old listing again. and it has to be done by sending a postcard.

I am confused i got different responses from these people and each of them has their own idea. The first person i talked told me it can not be fixed, second time they told me they will fix it, later they told me it will take time to remove it, and now it can not be fixed. How hard is it to take a Local duplicate off the search?

Now i have my new account in charge of the locations and i am worried if i will LOOSE ranking? is it possible?

Any suggestions here?
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The title of post is "What is called duplicates in Google Local Business?"

Those listings are not considered traditional dupes and they aren't the kind that hurt your Google rankings. They are like apples and oranges. Both fruit but totally different kinds.

Support is right. The one you list as the old one is not a G+ L page. It does not have the ability to rank in search or maps or have reviews. It's just a plain G+ business page with social features only. It won't affect ranking for the one that you call the new one.

Support is incorrect. If these are both listings for the same biz and same location, you would not be able to reclaim the old one. The system won't let you claim a listing if one is already claimed.

But you have me concerned when you say "I have transferred a listing connected to an old account of mine to new account"

Just want to double check. Do you have any other listings claimed now in any dashboards besides this new listing?

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