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Sep 6, 2014
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This SAB has four locations within twenty miles. The residential addresses all show same company name and same website link, all different phone numbers. Three of these locations are spam, The real address for this SAB is the Monroe location. Just a few days ago the website links on Google plus linked, now they do not link, and this website was full of spam.

This company has four websites that I seen in organic and the BBB, but only one website works now, and this is the website with the Monroe address.

This is not my direct competition, but Google does have rules which this company is breaking, and this is not fair for his direct competition and only helps create even more spam. Since I know some of you like a good puzzle and doing the right thing, I hope someone can lead me in the right direction with this spam. For me to report this spam in the Google plus feedback I am afraid Google will not see the whole picture.

Oh man - spammy descriptions too!

Check out Joy's post - it might help.

<a href="">Tips for Reporting Spam in MapMaker</a>
I reported as spam and each location with all the links and a brief explanation. Was this a good way?

When spam gets reported, Google handles it well if its two locations or less, but three locations or more I noticed its much harder for Google to see the whole picture.

Is the Google Product Forums a good place to report spam?
Yes you can try reporting there too.

But the other thing you can do that may be just as good or better is go to the map maker forum and ask for help getting your edits approved. Then you can explain the connection and your evidence.

Several of us here just noted that spam edits (just regular used edits on the listing) we made in Sept just finally got taken care of this month. So it's often not fast unless you escalate in MM. Even then it can take time.

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