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Sep 24, 2012
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While most of us are probably comfortable and familiar using the various CMS's out there like Wordpress I'm currently consulting with a company that has developed a new CMS that is aimed at the local business market and I was curious to know what SEO features you always look for in a CMS.

We have built a number of features into the software, but I wanted to get some feedback from fellow SEO's on what the perfect CMS would have built into it. I know one of the things I am working to get integrated is a schema tool, but what else would you like to see in the perfect local business CMS?

If you want to check out the project feel free to visit The Easy To Use, SEO Friendly CMS | Core Canvas. You can sign up for a 15 day free trial to play with it a bit with no credit care required. I'd love your feedback!
Hi Mike,

Here are a few points I would like to throw in:

- Ability to customise the footer (it's amazing how many WP Themes) make this hard work.
- The above would also allow "adding hcard or schema" marked up address in the footer. However, it wouldn't hurt to have a panel that can do this automatically.
- Obviously, you need all the functionality that something like "Yoast's SEO Plugin" provides - (Rel=author support).
-Option to have "Testimonials" on the sidebar.
- Full image support (obviously) with ability to edit alt tags.

On that note, my own personal preference (with Wordpress), is to have a fantastic theme that has a lot of customisation, but that can also let Yoast's SEO Plugin handle the SEO Side. However, that plugin doesen't focus on local things like Schema in the footer.

We've just (over the past few days) switched Wordpress themes and loving the new one.

Hope that helps.


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Oh, I forgot to add Optimised Page Speed.

However, regarding Page Speed, I realise that I may not practice what I preach as my website uses a rotating banner/coinslider. In my case, I've ignored Page Speed as I wanted a nice visual.

That being said, I'ts a high priority for most in the SEO Industry so well worth thinking of.

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