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Jul 26, 2012
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In some uncompetitive local markets, it's still the Wild West. Case in point:


Yes, that's the name of the Google+Local page.

Makes you chuckle a little, huh?

Wow, Phil. Can you say EPIC FAIL.

And if I can interpret the Map Maker history correctly (and I most likely can't), it looks like it's probably been that way since 2011.
Wow, Phil. Can you say EPIC FAIL.

Sure can, Colan. If there was a person at Google who's in charge of local QC, his/her mugshot would have that caption. It's an epic win for the business. Hey, he has a one-box Google+Local result.
Knarly! You would think ones like that would trip a filter and be easily caught by the algo!
No, it is unfortunately the actual business name on the G+ Local page itself. Just do a search in maps for the phone number.
Plus the URL is not
+1 what Colan and Linda said. Also, if you just click on the Google+ link, you'll see that the page itself is named that. I originally didn't want to post the query, because who knows how long they'll be listed, but here goes: Google
Its interesting that they spammed the crap out of the title but didn't spam the categories, or the description.

Indeed. What I find even more amazing is that there's no website. Any self-respecting spammer / ignoramus has a website that's every bit as keyword-stuffed as his Google page!
Good find Phil! It's really irritating when those things fly under the radar.

Has anyone reported this yet?
Yup, we had a similar good laugh when we were researching another client's competition recently. It's astonishing what people are still getting away with... as well as extremely frustrating.

One competitor had two listings in the top 7, both with titles in a similar vein to the one Phil has highlighted - one where they had an office address AND one where they had listed themselves at a Flat! (Apartment to my US colleagues)

How do people feel about reporting this type of thing? I always get a bad karma feeling...

And we still don't have MapMaker over here :(

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