Sep 18, 2013
Hello guys. I want to launch my website in the COMPUTER NICHe. I am looking for content for an Email campaign that I want to launch too. It's about COMPUTERS. Do you guys have any idea where to find full content that talks about COMPUTERS??? Any suggestion, tips, advice or anything will be helpful. Thank you guys. I'm looking forward to you.

Phil Rozek

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Jul 26, 2012
Not sure whether you're looking for a good resource about computers, or resources that can help you think about what would make good emails.

If it's the latter, here's a resource that I've found helpful and thought-provoking for years now:

99 Questions | John Fancher Copywriter & Autoresponder Guy


Aug 31, 2012
Better if you can write unique quality fresh contents your self or by outsourcing , keep in mind always content is the king for ranking in most cases.
Jul 19, 2012
Writing original content is best, computers and technology are so over done online as far as content goes. Not sure what your niche in that space is but if its content you are getting that is already written, there is no reason for people to come back for more.

If you don't like writing you could use a writing service like


Nov 19, 2012
I've been discussing this topic with a long time owner/operator of a couple of high visibility/high traffic sites that are primarily informational about his topic. He also has highly monetized his site(s) relative to his topics.

He is also an intelligent person and very capable of writing killer articles. He adds content all the time. Smaller topics take a day to 3. Bigger topics take a couple of weeks. They include research writing and rewriting.

His traffic is in the millions/ per month. His traffic is also a function of high visibility for many phrases relative to his topic(s). He generates large volumes of links because of the quality of his writing. The links include authoritative sources.

It is the old generic story that quality content works.

Now does this apply equally to local sites? I find that difficult to accomplish on our sites. I've seen one example of one local business that wrote quality articles about technical elements of his industry. After a year of effort he generated quality links from world wide sources in his industry.

Still from a local basis that doesn't always show well for your own local sites as localization elements and signals for a local site and local visitors can trump the power of powerful sites from an seo basis.

If you can't write with that level of quality get somebody who can. If you are working on a site that is "local" think as much if not more about local signals as you do about content signals.

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