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Jul 24, 2012
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Does anyone know how to get to Google's Troubleshooter these days? I've had it bookmarked for some time now. However now when I go to it, it now brings me to a page that says "Page not available":

I noticed that in one of Mike Blumenthal's blog posts, his link to troubleshooter no longer works as well (anchor text= "My listing has incorrect information")

Did Google take away troubleshooter? :confused:If not, does anyone have a link to where I can find it?

Hahahahaha Hohohohoho!

Just have to laugh once again.

When Google removed the troubleshooter from the "Fix a Problem" section where it should be - I warned them it was going to cause confusion. They said they thought that having it under "Contact Us" was highly discoverable.

Months later, if I had a $100 for every time we get asked how to find support now, I'd be rich!

They don't realize that even though it's a big red button, no one thinks to look under "Contact Us".

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