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Oct 25, 2013
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Just out of curiosity, does anyone know where whitefinder pulls their data from? There's no way to add businesses manually that I've found, I was just curious if anyone knew where they pulled from.

Edit: while I'm at it, for my records and for anyone interested in avoiding paying to get into some of the directories, I don't suppose anyone happens to know off the top of their head where merchant circle and happen to pull from too?
Probably one of the big 4 data aggregators.

However, the bottom of the page shows the website copyright as 2015, which makes it sound like maybe they bought data once and that's it.

From how I understand how the data aggregators work, they'll sell you data on an ongoing basis that fits your needs (once a year, once every 6 months, once a month, etc.) or they'll sell it to you once.

This may be an example of this site having a grand plan, getting the data once, then losing energy making the site into something that generates revenue and it got shoved off the priority list, so it's just stuck there.

There's too many sites out there like this. It makes NAP cleanup a nightmare.

I would email businessbay and MC and ask them. I know MC is taking Yext, of course, but who knows what they're doing now since the change to keep their listings fresh.
I'll cross that one off the list of what matters then. Thanks for weighing in Josh! Strange that a non-starter like that would be ranking decently in some of the citation lists... ah well.

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