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Sep 24, 2012
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I stumbled across this the other day by chance and wanted to share it with the community. Darren said they haven't really promoted it yet because they have been working out a few bugs, but it sounds like a pretty promising little tool.

If you want to get some insight in terms of how far a business is from the city centroid or compare your distance to the top ranked competitors for a certain keyword, give this new tool a whirl. I haven't had the chance to really explore it yet, personally, but as I said before it sounds really promising.

Whitespark Distance from Centroid Tool
YAY! Thanks so much for sharing with us Mike.

I read about it the other day but have not had time to add it and was hoping one of you guys would. :p

(FYI for those of you that have Places Scout, when you do competitive analysis it shows not only if top ranking listings are claimed, cats, # of citations, # of backlinks and everything else BUT will also show distance from centroid for all the top competitors. More info here.)

I have not had time to try Darren's tool yet but it looks like it just does your site and and if you want, 1 competitor. But looks like it would be great for quick analysis!

Darren's a member so I'm sure he'll see this post and hopefully will stop by to tell us more.

Thanks again for sharing with the community Mike!
Hi Folks,

The tool is ready to go, but if you see anything funny in the results, please let me know. It will show you how far you are from the centroid, and if you enter a keyword, it will show you how far the top 7 ranked competitors are as well so you can compare.

It's super simple, and free. We'll never charge for it. It's just a handy little tool that I wanted to have for taking a quick look at centroid distances. I figured I might as well share it with everyone.

Thanks much for the tool Darren and for stopping by to let us know more.
The tool is ready to go, but if you see anything funny in the results, please let me know.


Hi Darren,

I've ran a couple reports and got the same message each time - "Hmm, looks like our servers are busy crunching some jobs on our paid tools. We'll email you when your report is ready"

I got the same message as Colin. So waiting for an email on it.

But I like that. I have some sites with pretty good rankings around a region. They are different kinds of businesses but all tend to compete on a regional basis and there are relatively few competitors.

Rankings change depending on the location from where we do the search. I'd like to get that mileage feel on the issue to see how much we have to push to retake some #1's .

You are a modern day cartographer!!!!! :D
Same here! I waited for about 3 minutes and then got that message.
I just ran a search and got results without getting the message. Did everyone get the email to the results eventually?
Haven't received any e-mails.
Hey Darren: good luck on fixing that tool :D

I think an appropriate customer service reaction would be to remit to each tester/user at least 150% of the cost of trying out the tool!! :D

Look forward to it when you get it corrected.
I got mine about 30 minutes after I put it in.
Haha Dave. Good idea. Yes, I will send you 150% of $0, so $0. :)
Congratulations on launching another tool. May I ask a technical question? In your tool, does 'centroid' indicate city center, or does it indicate center of business (in other words, proximity to the cluster in which many similar businesses are often located)? I'd appreciate your reply.

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