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Jul 18, 2012
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A lot of us local SEO consultants create and upload KML files for our clients. I have to be honest, I only do it because I read it somewhere once that it *might* help some way with local SEO. How...I have no idea.

Well the other day a client asked me, "Why do you do KML files? How do they help with local SEO?" I was stumped:confused:

For those of you that do KML files for your clients, can you explain how it might help with our overall local SEO efforts?

My guess is the theory is the more information we feed Google, the better. The KML file provides another way to tell Google the business is located at a specific location. Am I close?

Yep you got it, Travis.

I cover that in the On-site Local SEO training. I call it one of the "Local Hooks". Just an additional way to give Google location data in a way she likes and understands. It's geocoding and maps related and local is about location and maps. So just another way to talk to Google in her language and help her connect the dots.

If you just do KML will it boost rank? No, I don't think so.

But when you use all the different local hooks, I think it can boost location trust and thereby relevance.
And trusted, relevant listings should rank higher, or at least I assume that's in the algo somewhere.
Thanks Linda! I'm going to cut and paste your response and memorize it. You explanation is perfect - and easy to understand.

Speaking of your on-page SEO training, have you launched the updated training for that? I know you said you were working on it. I'd like to take it again as a refresher and to get the latest and greatest "hooks."

Sorry goal was Jan 1st but I've been sick since Christmas so it's been slow going. Still in middle of tweaking, refining and expanding content. Then need to record, upload and package. But can't record til my brain and voice come back. :eek:

So realistically think it'll be toward end of January. However my basic formula you learned is still the same and still works well. Ask Colan. :p

So for you... Refresher? Yes. Expanded and better organized? Yes. Ground breaking new tactics? No. The original ones still work best.
Sorry to hear you've been sick. That sucks. Well hopefully 2014 is treating you better so far and that you'll have a "good year" health-wise:D

No hurry on the on-page stuff. I was just curious. I've got all my notes from the original training but I'd still like to take the new one when it comes out so I'll stay tuned.

Have a good one.


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