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Jul 16, 2014
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Does anyone have experience for when an address is fairly new and even the map marker location does not have a building outline visible in Google Maps?

I started a thread in the Google Maps forum, but it was marked as closed and I can longer reply:

I also felt like it wasn't the best forum for how to resolve issues like this.

I finally have received a .KML file if that helps since Google Maps is both missing the building and primary location for the client and the outline of the lake is incorrect.
If the address can be created in google maps (which may require creating a road, I've found, if only so the client doesn't complain that Maps doesn't actually route people to the business), there is usually no problem. We haven't yet ran into a situation where google suspends a profile for something like that. It's just going to be inaccurate on Maps. The building outlines/satellite take a ridiculous amount of time to update. This mall was demolished four years ago, but SOMEHOW Google still added the smaller of the new buildings without removing the mall:

Interesting, thank you. Yeah we have a similar situation where the bathroom building outline was added to Google Maps, but the main client office and location is missing. We have a further problem where the lake is inaccurate, making it appear that the client's map marker is in the middle of the lake feature.

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