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Jul 16, 2014
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Here is the address: 17590 Artavia Pkwy, Conroe, TX 77302

I am working for a homebuilding community with an address and location that physically didn't exist a year and a half earlier.

When hovering over their location, their business name and map marker are not displaying. It is curious that their cafe displays prominently, which is in the same building.

6 months ago the map marker was in the middle of the lake for GMB, but I have moved it to the current location.
  1. Apple Maps is claimed and it has the outline of an additional building which looks more accurate vs in Google
  2. Map maker is accurate on Mapquest
  3. Map marker is accurate on Bing and Yelp
Anything obvious I am missing? They have a good reputation. When Googling the address, the map marker is accurate.
Pretty much. Google doesn't overlap pins or pin text if possible. I think an actual cash business is more useful for users, so it's not surprising Google prioritize showing that very much over an apartment building.

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