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Aug 4, 2012
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This is a general question for anyone that is involved in SEO and pushes to produce Joomla websites for clients, instead of Wordpress.

Every SEO consultant in the land uses Wordpress and developers love it as well. Whereas Joomla is known as being a bit awkward for SEO unless you do a lot of things to fix it.

In this long video below, we have a section where Yoast speaks about Joomla being S*** : (this is at 30:05 onwards)

An Interview with Joost De Valk | Video User Manuals

I'm just intersted to know why some people use Joomla instead of Wordpress.
When I first started developing websites it was a debate between Joomla and Wordpress. Once I dove into everything it was very clear that Wordpress is much more user friendly and easier to get things done. Since then I believe Wordpress has only gotten stronger.
Thanks for your reply. Yes, it seems that 90% of people prefer Wordpress to other CMS's in general. Wordpress has certainly gripped the SEO industry as well.

I completely agree about it being more user friendly. Within Joomla, normal pages are called "articles", and then you have modules and things like that.

What I'm interested in knowing is.....What can a Joomla site provide that a Wordpress site cannot? - I've heard whispers from people that it has "something" but I'm just not sure what it is.

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