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Sep 28, 2023
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I'm working with a house cleaning business in Rockwall, TX that is ranking extremely well in the local pack, but not so well in the organic results.

This competitor dominates the search results for queries related to house cleaning in Rockwall:

But I'm not sure why. It's a very simple website, which isn't bad for a service based site like this. But the content is all the same across all location pages, there is only one service page that runs down all of the services in a very simple way, and there is no blog for building topical authority. I checked several backlinking tools and this site has 8 backlinks at most, none of which look very high quality.

I'm racking my brain trying to figure out why this site can outrank behemoths like Angi and Merry Maids and coming up empty. Any thoughts on what they might be doing?
Hi @Eric Lingenfelter, it would be helpful to know your client's website to make a comparison.

Freshly Clean, while not having much unique content, their homepage and individual pages are structured to be SEO friendly with proper: H1s, H2s, internal linking, and enough copy obviously to impress Google for a high organic ranking. When onboarding new clients we often find competiors that have very simple websites that rank very well. Basically, you'll just need to do a better job than Freshly Clean, especially in the area of helpful/meaningful content to rank better but the organization and structure of the content is equally as important. Again, it is hard to make any comparison w/o knowing your client's site.
I started to write a response here that I was shocked that Freshly Clean's website survived the latest Google ranking update. Considering the main focus was "Write content for people, not search engines." But after I looked at the competition, it appears to do a much better job of satisfying both people + search engines.

AS @JeffClevelandTN mentioned above, Freshly Clean addresses the basic KW question of finding a "house cleaning service in Rockwell" with proper SEO structure. It doesn't "over optimize" it's target like this example does: Rockwall Cleaning Services – Beaver Maids | Best-Rated Ottawa House Cleaning Service

Freshly Clean also showcases what you'd want to see on any local service landing page (testimonials), location data (+ links to GBP Map), clear CTA and lists specials (nice to list these if offered).

@Eric Lingenfelter - I think if you included the above on your client's landing page (without over optimizing) you'll be fine.

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