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Jun 28, 2012
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<img title="LocalSEO" src="" alt="" width="122" height="61" align="left" hspace="10" />RavenTools just came out with a great article about the value of using structured data such as Schema for SEO.

The article also links to a simple starter guide for Schema AND Raven's free tool that does the mark up for you automatically.

SEOs, don’t ignore structured data

Why you should be using structured data

Search engines are committed to structured data – particularly Google, as seen by their addition of a Structured Data Dashboard in their Webmaster Tools.

Perhaps the most compelling reason to use microdata is that Google seems to prefer it in their search results. More often than not, pages using structured data appear at the top of their organic results.

Bottom line, as I always say in my Local SEO training, anytime Google, Microsoft and Yahoo agree to a standard - it's a pretty big deal. So while I use other types of markup as well, in different places and for different reasons when I optimize local sites, Schema is definitely the way forward.

Here is the link to: Schema and microdata for newbs which explains in simple terms.

And here is a link to their free tool: Schema Creator
Select Organization, then in the "Type" drop down select Local Business.

In my Local SEO training I teach a strategy that uses 6 different types of what I call "local hooks" when I do on-site SEO and Schema is one of them. My Local SEO automated template writes the code for all of it so you don't have to take time learning all the different types of coding. Boils about 3 hours of work down into 10 minutes. So my automated template is similar but does ALL the SEO (title tags, image alt, H1, 6 different types of local hooks a ton more). This system and strategy normally takes my clients from an avg of #15 or 16 to #2 or 3. For one of my Dentists I even got a double #1. #1 organic (above the local) and A spot in blended.

But if you just want to add Schema to the footer on your local SEO sites, that’s a great tool to use.

The other good use of Schema for local is of course for review markup.

Are you guys using Schema for Local SEO???
Have been implementing Schema markup for footer addresses over the past few months. Never really sure what effect it has, but every little bit helps and it's pretty simple to do. Have often wondered whether or not it helps to show the +box in the search results.
@Linda where can I find out more info on your Local <acronym title="Search Engine Optimization" style="border-width: 0px 0px 1px; border-bottom-style: dotted; border-bottom-color: rgb(0, 0, 0); cursor: help; color: rgb(51, 51, 51); background-color: rgb(250, 250, 250); ">SEO</acronym> automated template? It sounds like you got that dialed in.
@Linda where can I find out more info on your Local SEO automated template? It sounds like you got that dialed in.[/COLOR]

Hi hansenins,

Yep it's pretty dialed in! :)

The last 2 guys I trained have done organic SEO for 13 years and local for 2 and are pretty serious pros. They both just kept saying ?OMG, OMG why didn?t I ever think to create something like this myself. Would have saved my team so much time and eliminated so many mistakes.? I think you?ll like it.

I normally only sell to clients that have taken my Advanced Places/G+ Local Training because some of it dovetails and ties in and it's best to take the Places course 1st. But I'll go ahead and email you info on all when I get time. Hopefully tomorrow. But please email me at linda AT catalystemarketing D O T com if I forget.

I ve follow everything that you say about local seo and sounds like you've developed a great tool, where can I find out more info on your Local SEO automated template , would you mind sending me a copy?.

I?m trying to rank my dad?s handyman web site here in Sydney Australia.

Thanks for your help

Hi Marcelo,

Thanks for your email, sent you some information.

I have identified several types of what you call "local hooks" like schema and so on that are good to use on local sites.

Do you use all 5 different types of local hooks in the sites that you optimize?

Do you add all the local hooks to each page? or do you add 1 type for each page.

Do you hide the local hooks with CSS if you are using all of them?

Your input is much appreciated and thanks for your time,

Totally different types of local hooks and the way I do it, each has their place and no they aren't all on the same page or pages.

No I don't hide anything with CSS it's all straight up ethical stuff so nothing to hide. It's just some stuff that most people don't know about or don't think to use.
This is one of the area's I was struggling to fully understand and apply it!
How awesome is it that this is in your COURSE!! :D
Not only in the course Marie, but the Locals SEO template you'll be getting does all the work for you so you don't even have to waste time trying to figure it out OR risk making formatting mistakes trying to remember how all the different local hooks coding works. :p
Hi Linda

Just wanted clarification on something - can't find the answer anywhere! I'm a driving instructor and have customers leave testimonials on my website. Is it ok to use review schema to display this on my website? It would mean having several different authors on one page, and of course it would all be inputed by me. I'm just not sure if this is allowed or even possible - is schema review meant to be for products only or customer testimonials too? Any advice would be much appreciated!
Schema is an absolute MUST to rank for local SEO. I like to use a WordPress plugin json schema markup, it makes it really easy to fill in all the necessary details to let Google know exactly what your business is about and where it is geographically.
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Has anyone seen or used the new "Preview" tool in Google's Structured Data Testing Tool? I'm curious where this card would ever show up and if anyone has tips on how to make the cards look the best and be best optimized...? I have fairly consistent local business schema but get inconsistent results from the Preview tool when testing my structured data.

Thank you for any input!!

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