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Sep 27, 2012
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I am trying to find a solution to a 404 that's been occurring on a WP blog archive. For some reason, when a post gets archived, the archive link is odd. i.e. is the original post slug and the archive link is thus, causing a 404 error.

I've looked through all of the settings and cannot figure out where WP is getting the archive URL from or why it's adding the post URL twice to the archived link. I've poked through WP help forums to no avail.

Anyone experience this or can point me in the right direction to correct it?
I've combed through several areas of the backend and cannot seem to find anything more specific to what my issue is. There is a lot in the backend so it's certainly possible that I'm missing it in one of the settings. I will painstakingly review Yoast though, thank you.

I no followed, no archived, etc. the archives hoping it would stop recreating the issue but it does not seem to be working. It's more of an annoyance then anything right now but I want to resolve it.
Sounds bizarre. If you don't get much feedback here, you might want to ask on the forums at
I plan on posting over at WP today. I know quite a few people here use WP so I figured let me give it a whirl here.

It is bizarre lol and annoying. I have been chipping away at setting up 301 redirects to get the 404 pages redirecting back to the original article. There are just so many... :eek:
I'd be very interested in hearing what it turns out to be, if you get a solution and can circle back here with it.
Rich, I'll certainly do that. It has to be something in the main settings. Once I clean up and 301 these 404 pages, I'll have a better idea; at least I'm hoping I do.
Typically when a url shows twice like that in WP, there is a "http:" left off somewhere in the settings/theme/code/plugin.

With out going through the site or admin area, it will be difficult to narrow it down beyond that, but maybe that will get you closer to what to look for.

I would be glad to take a closer look if you want me too.
What Greg said. Either left off in a page or plugin. needle and haystack.... try searching the site content dbase first, that's usu where the problem is.

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