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Mar 26, 2015
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Hi all!

Have you seen Google skip the main road and suggestion an alternative route? I've made edits to the pin marker so many times trying to "trip" the system.


I'm not sure what you mean by "trip" the system.

Have I ever seen Google put an alternative road instead of the main road?
Yes, and I also gave them feedback on their choice of road. It was such a horridly corrugated road I'm lucky to still have teeth.
Google seemed to have taken the feedback on board and have never suggested that road to me again.

If that hasn't answered your question, can you try rewording it?
Hi Margaret,

I haven't directly spoken with Google about my issue. What's the best channel to reach GMB support? Twitter?

What I meant by "tripping" the system is moving the pin marker hoping that Google will adjust the driving directions to the correct location. I've seen small adjustments in the pin marker work out bugs in maps.

If I put the address in manually, 123 main street, it routes you directly to the location with no problems. I am only having a problem when the actual business name is being used.
Hi Lance,

The best place for this as it is an issue with your business is GMB support. @googlemybiz on twitter usually works quite well. Please don't move the pin marker off the middle of the space the business operates in. There are two separate pins inside the Google Maps system. Sometimes they are together sometimes they aren't. However, the only one you can edit from maps is not the one you want to adjust here. Only Google can make this adjustment.
Greg - I wasn't aware of two different pins. What is the second pin that we don't have access to?
It is the the one that controls the navigation end point. This is not an uncommon issue GMB should know what you are referring to.

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