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Jul 22, 2014
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Hope this is in the right place to post this.

I know there are few recommended Citation building services here Like Whitespark/bright local etc..

Just got off the phone with someone fro Yellow Page city directory.

Just want to know if anyone has used their service for Citations and or their Ads that get Ad words clicks.

I mainly want to know if these guys are the real deal. They are kind of like Yext as in they will add all the info on most places withing 48 hours and some take up to 2 months. They have over like 200 listings.

Any thoughts on them?

They are a little pricey so I am trying to weight all my options.
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We have a client who has been advertising with YP for over 4 years now. They have always been sold on "total visits". Below is some data we provided in their last report in an effort to show the best source for referral traffic that converts.

The main focus is how many non-bounce sessions there are compared with all visits, and how many conversions resulted from that traffic overall.

Non-bounce traffic: This means users stayed on the site.

01/14 to 06/14:

Total visits: 446
Non-bounce visits: 180
Bounced visits: 266 (40% BR)
Conversions: 13 (All conversions from nonbounce sessions.)
Conversion Rate for non-bounce visits: 7.22%

Total visits: 124
Non-bounce visits: 62
Bounced visits: 62 (50% BR)
Conversions: 7
Conversion Rate for non-bounce visits: 11%

Total visits: 88
Non-bounce visits: 41
Bounced visits: 47 (46% BR)
Conversions: 9
Conversion Rate for non-bounce visits: 17%

If you are looking for advertising options I would suggest that you ensure your paid providers are making an effort to reduce non targeted traffic, which increases bounce visits.

I'm pretty sure they are resellers of Yext and/or Nuestar/Localeze. A list of which sites they update/list on could tell if someone else can't confirm.

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