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Mar 15, 2016
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10 Amazon Review Features That Should Exist On Every Review Site


They're America's most reputable brand.

Amazon tops a 2016 list of the world's most reputable companies. But, this isn't anything new. Way back in 2010 they were listed as the most trusted company in America by a different source.

Their secret?


Not just reviews, but the tools and features included with their reviews.

Values are the foundation to high-quality reviews

As a general rule, self assessments aren't always trustworthy. Ask customers why they don't trust a seller's assessment of their business and the response is often about deception.

"What if we're being lied to? Maybe sellers are saying whatever it takes to get my money."

These complaints are legitimate. Some sellers are willing to lie if it gets them what they want. This short-sighted thinking pathologizes the marketplace, creating fear and distrust. It makes selling so much harder than it needs to be. But, this isn't the real reason we need reviews.

Conflict of interest.

This is why we need reviews. Our position is, by definition, at odds with customers. They want a solution, we want their money. Our goals aren't aligned.

Amazon understands this.

If you look closely, you'll notice their review platform focuses on a few specific things.

1. Creating safety. They make it safe for customers to share their thoughts and feedback. Reviewers are able to make and respond to individual comments. Customers can report inappropriate behavior and more importantly, Amazon takes action on it. When customers feel heard they're far more likely to contribute.

2. Truth through community. Customers can agree or disagree with other reviewers. Customers are able to ask questions, disagree and debate with each other. Amazon has developed a trustworthy community around reviews.

3. Drawing out specificity.
Amazon consistently asks customers for their feedback. They do their best to draw out the specific details of a customer's experience. They sort their reviewers into categories so customers know who is reviewing their product. Professional reviewers, verified purchases and enthusiasts are all stated clearly. Amazon gives people the opportunity to ask very specific questions about products.

4. Transparency.Amazon shares important product details with customers. They approach the review process as objectively as they can, staying out of the customer discussion unless it's absolutely necessary. They don't attempt to steer, manipulate or control the flow of the conversation.

These values make it easy and far more likely that customers will share their feedback. Next, Amazon uses review features to build customer trust.

Read the rest of Andrew's post here. He goes on to list some really useful amazon review features that would benefit every other review site.

Good one, thanks Garrett! Andrew always uses the best examples and in this post makes some important points!

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