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Jun 28, 2012
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Are you a Local Search Consultant?
Do you want more clients? (Of course you do!)
Do you want to find better and easier ways to convert your SEO leads into clients???, did a great expert round up last week that I wanted to share. Lots of experts you know participated and several were Forum Top Contributors, forum members and/or my training clients including: Cody Baird, Joy Hawkins, Phil Rosek, Tyson Downs, Matt Williamson and Robert Fisher. It's great to see some of our team representing!

Some great insights were shared by all!

<a href="">25 Experts Reveal Their TOP Client Conversion Secrets...</a>

What are your steps to turn a fresh SEO lead into a loyal SEO client?

It?s a key question we asked these guys. People who live and breathe SEO. Because they either run their own search engine optimization / digital marketing firm or optimize their own web sites for a living.

So if you want to build your Local Search business, head over and read.

What was your favorite take away?

Any good prospecting, closing or conversion tips to share???

And for even more great business building tips, check out our Consultant's Corner forum.
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