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Jun 28, 2012
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Is that a Local Doorway Page or a Local Landing Page?

That seems to be the question of the day lately.

But the other question I hear all the time recently is "How can I make pages that rank, for other cities that I don't have an office in?"

Phil Rozek did a really detailed post today that gives you all the ammunition you need to build local landing pages right!

<a href="">25 Principles of Building Effective City Pages for Local SEO |</a>

So you want to create ?city pages? to attract local customers in places where you don?t have an office. How can you make those pages attract customers rather than repulse them, rank well in the organic results, and not get stomped by Google?s ?doorway page? update?

I?m mostly talking about pages that target cities where you do not have a physical location. Still, most or all of these principles also apply to pages you?d create for specific ?location? or ?office? pages.

City pages in general have about the same reputation that Gigli has. The bar is low. That?s good news for you.

By no means do you need to apply all my suggestions. I don?t know of anyone who does. Some of my clients are killin? it even though they?ve only put a few of these best-practices into practice (so far).

Here are 25 principles for creating the kind of city pages that Google likes, customers like, and you won?t be ashamed of...

Click over to read the rest!
Great tips all. Thanks Phil!

But that 1st image made me quesy. Those guys all look so nonchalant being up there. Except for the guy on the right. He doesn't look too comfortable. But then again, he has a bottle of whiskey! :p


<a href="">Is that a Local Doorway Page or a Local Landing Page? Nifty Tips from Nifty Lance</a>

<a href="">Google Warns about Doorway Page Algo Update - Could Affect Local</a>

And our <a href="">Multi-Location Issues Forum</a> has TONS of other posts about city landing pages too.

What do you think?

What was your fav tip from Phil???

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