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Apr 19, 2023
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Last week, I accepted Google's updates and then it suspended the profile. This is for a landscape lighting business that had their home address listed.

Today, for our landscaping client I added a category but did not change the main category, and it got suspended. They also have a home address listed.

Is Google cracking down on these SABs that have a home address listed? I did not set them up this way but inherited them like this.

Anyone else?
I filed for reinstatement on one of them a few days ago. I hid the address and changed one other minor thing that I thought could be the issue. The other suspension just happened so I haven't yet.

I actually removed myself as a manager on the first one once this second one came through. I'm a little wary at this point to make even slight changes...
Personally, I think we are getting to the stage where editing listings is just too risky unless you really need to make an edit.

Here in UK you can have business names and trading names.

You may use the trading name everywhere, everyone knows you as the trading name, set up a listing using the trading name, but if a minion at Google sees the actual Company name is different to the trading name you are at the whim of them waiting to flick a switch :(
There's a lot of weird stuff happening lately with the suspension process. Have you filed for reinstatement?

Hi Colan,

This is what was received after requesting reinstatement:

Thank you for contacting the Google Business Profile team.
We've looked at your account and it looks like your Business Profile is not eligible to display on Google per our quality guidelines. Review our guidelines for representing your business on Google to see what types of businesses are eligible to be on Google.
If you have any further questions please consult the Google Business Profile Help Center.

They should be eligible to be on Google. They do still have their address on their website after making the change to a Service Area Business. Should we remove the address from their website? Also, realizing that there may be some categories that are a stretch. Planning to remove those.

Any other reasons you can think of that would keep a suspension going?

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