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Jul 18, 2012
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I thought you needed to have 5 reviews to get those fancy stars to show up and the rating. I saw a couple listings today with only 4 reviews and they had stars and ratings. Has there been a recent change to this I don't know about?

Not sure. I was just happy when it got down to 5. I've had one of my partner clients at 4 for the last 2 weeks now and he hasn't started showing with stars yet.

Hey and while you are talking about reviews here is fun story about fake review justice in action: Faking Reviews? You Could Get Busted At Any Time | Reputation Management

And if you haven't heard this checkout what happened after Obama got a bear hug in a pizza parlor to their reviews: Obama Bear Hug Leads to a Boost in Online Reviews (Negative and Positive) – ReviewPush

I’m keeping an eye on Mike Blumenthal’s But for now I just email past customers from free Mail Chimp and I get at least a 10% response to reviews showing up on Google Places rate. Good enough for my partner clients as their competitors seldom have reviews.
Thanks Phil. It sounds like you may or may not get star ratings with 4 reviews. I'm perfectly fine pushing for 5. I just thought it was surprising to see a 4 review listing get a star rating.

Yeah, it usually takes 5 reviews. 4 is enough maybe 10% of the time.
Hi all,

I have just been looking through some search results, this is what I found for one of my clients.

POSITION 1 Competition- 15 reviews, 102 Google plus in circles, 5.0 Google star rating ( 5 stars appear)

POSITION 2 Client- 35 reviews, 57 Google plus in circles. 4.9 Google star rating. ( 5 stars appear)

Both listings are very similar in nature seo wise, I'm wondering if the "102 Google plus in circles" is the defining factor between the two listings.

I will do a citation check now, but i am pretty sure we have far more.

Note- both listings have reviews from around the web.

I've wondered that myself - if the number of people in your circles makes a difference in rankings. I wish someone would test this. We've been told by Google that they will be using social factors more and more but to what extent?

If authorship will show for someone with only 5 people in their circles I don't think it matters much yet up hey what do I know. I predict it will matter a lot in the future.

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