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Jun 28, 2012
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Everyone knows all the top citation sources - it's time to think outside the box!

Wanted to share a great post my friend Matthew Hunt wrote today. Head on over - it's definitely worth a read and a bookmark.

5 Ridiculously Sneaky Citations Most Small Business Never Think to Get!

Just like backlinks not all citations or mentions of your local business are created equal.

There are already a ton of <a href="">great posts</a> on where to get the <a href="" target="_blank">basic top 100</a> citations and/or <a href="" target="_blank">review site</a> <em></em>mentions and I don’t want to publish yet another post on that matter.

If you want to know the top citations based on city then visit <a title="Best Local Citation Sources by City" href="" target="_blank">this page</a>.  However, if you want to get sneaky citations your competitors are probably not getting <em>(unless they read this post too <img src="" alt=";)" class="wp-smiley"> )</em> then stick around.

What do you think?
Good Stuff?
Hi Gerry,

This post is 3 years old. Have not re-read lately so don't know what all it says.

But not everything we read is a good idea. And even things that USED to seem like a good idea 3 years ago, no longer are. :)

But thanks for bringing an old thread back to light, since there may be other good tips in it that are still applicable.
Welllll, that makes me feel....a bit silly. *Reminds self to check dates like a normal person.
No worries at all Gerry. Happens all the time. I've done it at least 150 in my career, at various forums. :)

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