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Jan 4, 2013
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Quote from the article:

"The AccuRanker team and I analyzed more than 300,000 local SERPs in the largest US cities – New York, Los Angeles and Chicago – to get a clear answer to the question:

Are Google local packs a survival kit for local businesses? What is the proportion of local and global businesses that appear in Google local packs?
This research wouldn’t have been possible to conduct without the amazing AccuRanker API, which is able to process a massive amount of data less than an hour! The result of this analysis would be interesting both for search marketing experts who provide local SEO services and for business owners.

In addition to the results of my extensive research, I’ve also included expert opinions, as I distributed a questionnaire among the most respected local SEO pros."


Check it how here:

Thoughts anyone? Bueller?.................Bueller?...................Bueller?

Thanks for sharing again Cody.

I'm sure some folks missed it when I posted this last Thursday. But to circle the wagons, here is the other post where a good discussion got started.

<a href="">Discover Cost of Local SEO Campaigns PLUS Analysis of 300K Local SERPs</a>
No worries at all Cody. You can't read every post and I totally changed up title so you may not have realize it was about that study.

Plus would rather have something that good shared twice - than not at all cuz you assumed someone already posted. :)

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