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Jun 28, 2012
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Lots of Interesting Stats from Accuranker

There really is some interesting data in this research by Accuranker.
And also a great infographic.

<a href="">Is Google’s local pack a survival kit for local businesses? 300,000+ SERPs analyzed</a>

One of the most interesting datapoints I found was:

"Only 41 percent of local packs that appear in Google SERPs have domains."

In addition to the analysis of data, they polled top Local Search experts you know.

Here are the results from the Q: "How much does the average Local SEO campaign cost?"


There is a lot more interesting data & graphs, so click over to read the rest here.

What do you think about the average cost of campaigns?

What about the % of GMB listings without a website?

Top image credit: Linda Buquet - Local Search Forum


I can agree with the almost 50% don't have websites, which to me is amazing. I would love to see an algo update, "no 3 pack without a website to fully inform potential local customers of their purchasing decision".

As far as costs go, I am surprised how much people charge for local seo. Many niches aren't hard to rank, hell some good site structure and citations with niche directory/profiles sometimes does the trick.

We personally offer a $500 a month package, for a foundation start, usually we find that is good enough for local seo customers that aren't in a competitive niche (like a local florist). If they are in more competitive niches, we have two more packages, $1,500 and $2,500 a month. Here's a blurb about our packages, which build on each other:

1st package sets a foundation for a brand, this is 6 months long, no more and no less.

2nd package starts where the last one stops, this is where we create content (valuable, expert, authoritative) and create a buffer zone around the site with branded properties that helps us distribute the buzz for the brand.

3rd package also starts where the last one ends, after there is valuable content that displays the business owner as an expert, we start to do PR and outreach for their brand in order to expand it.
Good ideas Justin.

Love the "foundational" starter low cost option (for really small clients).
Sets the expectations that more may be needed after that.
Great article, thanks Linda!

I would be interested to know what percentage of the lisitngs without a website are actually owner verified. I am going to guess that a large portion of the listings with no website are unverified.

What do you think?
What didn't make a whole lot of sense to me in this post was the % of searches that didn't have local packs (70%). I think they must have not been tracking the right keywords. Most local keywords that I search on a regular basis do have packs.
I know I've seen profiles with no website have trouble verifying (though a little persistence and possibly a call to support should fix that) but taken across the board, I'm sure that also influences the number of no-website listings to stay unverified.

I'm with you Joy, though with 300,000+ keywords I can see that bucket being a little loose. The 24 hour related searches not having a local pack is interesting though. Doesn't really matter for any clients I currently have, but for any relevant industries it does mean that there might be good keyword areas investigating that can't be hit easily with maps and need more organic work to get exposure in.

Thanks for the share Linda, that article's got a lot of good stuff! The number of websites getting exposure with no website is surprising to me though given the amount of weight organic factors has now... I'm guessing that 40% is in lower competition areas, I definitely don't see any no-website listings anywhere important in the areas I keep an eye on at least.

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