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Sep 25, 2017
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Hi - I am currently promoting a language school and have run into a few issues with the google my business lisitng.

The listing exists and lets say its in birmingham, if I was to try

learn spanish postcode

Then the business shows up, however, if I was to search for

lean spanish birmingham

Then it does nto show up BUT there are less than 17 results showing up for that term so you would think that my result would make it into the list as it is quite unpopulated.

Does anyone know why I might need to be so specific as to search for the exact post code and if there is a way to get moved up into a result for the whole city?

Hi James,

Maybe you're not sending enough signs to Google about that your business is strongly related to Birmingham.

Why don't you share it here and I'm sure you'll get some advice.
Ya like said above, let us know specifics we will look into it deeper.
But no matter what it will help to get more citations and back links, the more niche and local the better.

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