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Apr 13, 2022
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My team and I manage the GMB for multiple car dealerships. There's a specific group of dealerships that have had all their posts automatically rejected for the past 7 months. Of course, I opened tickets for all of them and most of the rejections have been due to there being previous duplicated posts and because the resolution of the image is not the ideal (they're asking for 720x720). These posts have been made directly by them.

However, there is one account that even though it had the same issues as these other ones, was permanently disabled from making posts and so we are "no longer able to contribute imagery / local posts" because we have violated the Maps User Content policies. I asked what specifically was the violation so we could resolve it, and they said; "we, unfortunately, don't have a specific reason why we can't approve your posts". Then, I asked if I could appeal that decision and they said "I'd love to help you but the decision is permanent. Hence, we cannot file for an appeal".

Any idea of why something like this might have happened or how it can be resolved?

Thank you!
By account do you mean a specific user is unable to make posts, or you are unable to make posts on an entire listing?

I recommend posting this issue on the Google Business Profile community forum and seeing if a product expert can help by escalating the issue. Make sure to add the following info, along with screenshots of the post errors you're seeing:
  • business name(s)
  • addresses
  • URLs to the listings

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