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Mar 20, 2014
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Linda, I posted this in the G+ Community as well and wanted to see if this thread got more interest.

So is anyone interested in account sharing to cut down on costs?

I have an ahefs account (standard plan) which I hardly use but do see some value in and I'm looking to with someone who has a SEMrush guru account they would want to do the same with.

I sat down with a friend and it came out that I lost a job because another company came in and wow'd them with the SEMrush data of their competitors. So I can and do see value in SEMrush but the cost is pretty high.
Hi Jordan,

To get some replies we might want to make this title more descriptive.
(I would have to change it for you.)

Cuz what most here do is scan RSS or "recent posts". When I saw the title "Account Sharing" I just assumed it was about sharing GMB account w/ client or something. Would not have guessed the question you are asking based on the title.

Let me know if you want me to edit title and what you want to use.

ALSO: Wonder if sharing accounts like this violates any TOS or could get you in trouble. Usually accounts are for 1 user or multiple on YOUR team. But what you are suggesting, essentially the SW company would be missing out on a new client that should be paying for their own acct. Thoughts?

ALSO: Fri and weekends are the worst time for replies, so that's why it's slow.

Yes good point on the Terms and Conditions. Can you delete this thread Linda? I don't see anything where I can do this.

Sharing accounts is against most TOS, and not really feasible for something like ahrefs because it only allows a user to be logged in from one device at a time. If cost is an issue, then you're better off finding another tool alternative or working through it manually. For something like SEMrush, there are a handful of other cheaper tools out there which perform similar functions, but may not have the nice UI. For ahrefs, there's always Majestic.

SEMrush data is cool, but there are other ways to get the same information and present it very similarly
K-Meta was talked about on the forum a while back, and they're about half the cost of SEMrush with very similar data sets -

SERPwoo is also another player in the market research space, which I have a subscription to. Very useful SERP analysis features

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