Jul 27, 2020
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one of my customers has a bulk verified GMB account and I would like to add new locations to this account (around 100 locations). My email address has been granted access as a manager. Unfortunately, I don't have access to the primary owner's email account. I have added locations to bulk verified accounts in the past but it was always from the primary owner's account.

This situation is different and I have some questions/doubts and thought that you could help:
  1. Can I bulk upload new locations (with all the benefits of bulk verified account) being logged in to my account (as a manager) or do I need to be logged in as a primary owner?
  2. When this account was bulk verified it had only one location group. I am not sure if bulk verification is for an account or for a location group. If I add a new location group, can I add locations to this group with all the benefits of bulk verification (e.g. automatic verification)? If this is true, then I assume that such a new location group should be added by the primary owner and cannot be added by someone else who is only a manager. Am I right?
  3. I am not sure what is actually bulk verified during the bulk verification process. Is this the primary owner account or just a single location group he or she owns?


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Oct 18, 2018
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Hello there!

1. Yes, you will load these and your access will remain as the manager, not the owner.
2. Typically Bulk Verification is for an entire email but in some cases, just a folder is bulk verified. You can always test this but yes, the new group should be created by the account owner. There is no way to tell in the account.
3. It can be both. Usually if the owner completed this and not an agency, it is the entire account. But sometimes based on data and other circumstances, bulk verification will be limited to a single location group.

Please let me know if you have any clarifying questions.



Jul 27, 2020
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Thanks for a quick answer @krystaltaing.

I have one more clarification question regarding number 1: So I can (as a manager) bulk upload locations to a group location or account that is bulk verified and all these new locations will be automatically verified, right? It doesn't matter if I bulk upload them as a manager or as an owner?

Good to know that bulk verification can be both for an account and for a location group. GMB documentation is not clear here for me.

You have written that there is no way to check if bulk verification is for an account or only for a single folder (location group). That's a pity. But maybe it is possible to check if bulk verification was performed? This would be useful because sometimes in bigger organizations it is hard to find a person who knows that (sometimes a person that created an account is no longer working). And in such cases I am not sure if shoudl start with bulk verification or I can just bulk upload locations.

At a moment I assume that the account is bulk verified if I choose one of location groups belonging to this account and there is no "Verifications" button in the left menu. By left menu I mean this menu:

Zrzut ekranu 2021-01-13 o 17.42.24.png

And by "Verifications" button I mean a button showing this:

Is this a good method to check this? :) Or the only way to be sure is to add a new location and see if it is automatically verified?
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