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Oct 30, 2015
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I am adding a brand new SAB to an existing GMB account. When I go to "add a single business" it prompts me through the usual requests but I am then stuck on the "address" area as they require that to continue. But since this is an SAB I don't have one (only the specific areas covered). What correct path am I missing to add this SAB? Thanx!
You need to add an address where you can receive mail. They will send a verification post card to the address you specify. You'll use the code on that mail to verify you're a real business, but Google will not reveal your address in search. This helps them cut down on spam.
Thank you. So the address I use (that will not show) can be my own? I have 4 other wholly new SABs I also will need to add. Will I use the same address (my own) for each?
If those 4 SABs are for the same business, then you'll be in violation of guidelines. Make sure you're within the limits specified here: Service-area & hybrid businesses - Computer - Google My Business Help

If you're following the guidelines then you should be okay, but just realize that your situation is unique if you are within guidelines. So you may be at a heightened risk of getting flagged.
Thanks again. These (5 in all) SABs are the same business but each one encompasses a specific service area and as such are thought of as a separate entity as each DOES not service they "others" service area. Make sense? I just need to know whether its ok to use my (the SEO agent's) address that will, as you say, not show.
You are only allowed one SAB per market so setting a different service area for each one still puts you in violation unless they are licensed franchises. A general rule is that SAB listings should be no closer than a few hours drive of each other for the same business.
Thanks Yan. They are each have very defined service areas and are licensed. And they each within a few hours drive of each other.

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