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Dec 8, 2014
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Hi y'all :)
I do google ads for a few different agencies and while I have all clients set up in each agencies respective MCC (haven't gone for the Ultra MCC yet LOL), I'm looking for some across the board alerts that I should be setting up. I want to know things like 404 page; ad not running; account out of money, etc.

Share what efficiencies you are using! Some of the accounts are small and I'd like to shift away from the boutique level service that we typically offer and manage them more by rules.
Automated rules are great, but I find they can be very restricting depending on what you're trying to achieve. Scripts would be a better way to do this, but if you don't have experience with Javascript it may get a little confusing so there are some companies you can pay that do it all for you.

If you were doing it yourself - I would reference some of the following pages as these are directly from the google ads developers page:
Larger-scale Link Checker - Manager Account | Google Ads scripts | Google Developers
Bid to Impression Share - Manager Account | Google Ads scripts | Google Developers
Keyword Performance Report - Manager Account | Google Ads scripts | Google Developers
Declining Ad Groups Report - Manager Account | Google Ads scripts | Google Developers
Manager Account Summary Report | Google Ads scripts | Google Developers

From experience, I found Mcc Scripts | Optmyzr AdWords Scripts to have some of the best/easiest on your brain scripts, but you need to be subscribed to their service in order to use them.

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