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Nov 8, 2018
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Hi guys,

Do you find any need in paying a monthly/annually fee for aggregators (via Bright Local) and Yahoo Small Business listings (or Yext)?
We spend a hefty part of the marketing budget on these ongoing services, while not sure if it's necessary after the initial payment.

Any thoughts from your experience?
@liorenda, I would not suggest spending any money on the ghost town that is Yahoo. (If a business has a Yelp listing, it will be on Yahoo.)

As for aggregators, it's a case-by-case question. It depends how many of your clients are newly-opened businesses vs. businesses that have been around for a while. It depends on what country (or countries) they're in. It depends on how messy their other listings are, and on how much hands-on work you do on the non-aggregator listings. Depends on a lot of factors.
Yext is honestly a waste of money unless you have 50+ locations. Instead, get your listings done once by a reputable listing company, never pay again.

Aggregators, as Phil says, depends. Data aggregator services aren't that expensive and shouldn't take up too much of your budget. If it's bad, stay with them. If not, there's no need I suppose. It's just so inexpensive I would still probably do it.

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