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Oct 1, 2012
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There used to be a great function with Google to view search results from a particular geographical location ( New York, Gainesville etc...), although this seems to have been discontinued a while back.

I'm currently targeting surrounding towns/ cities for my clients, so the data would be super useful.

I never have any issues if the keyword contains a geo modifier. e.g "estate agents Manhattan Beach", but when I am using a generic term with no geo modifier for clients e.g "estate agents" I start questioning my results.

I've thought about using
a VPN like (<wbr>servers/) and search with that city and state's IP, but this is rather long winded.

I've done a bit of research and see that Whitespark can show via their ranking reports how the same keyword ranks in numerous cities (within the same report), so maybe I'll have to make the jump from my current provider.



Are you talking about setting your search location to the city your client is in?

You can still do that. I think it moved from where it used to be but I use it 10 times a day.

What browser are you using? In FF and Chrome it's under search tools. Or you can click the gear icon and change it in setting but not as convenient if you change it all the time like I do.

As far as ranking tools Whitespark, Bright and PlacesScout all do geo location rank tracking.
Thanks as always Linda!

Managed to relocate it on Chrome.

I think In Bright you set the location initially and cant add multiple cities, as opposed to Whitespark where you seem to be able to select numerous cities within the same report. So it seems it the demo anyway.

I'll look into it in more detail.

Have a good weekend.


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