May 24, 2014
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I currently use Agency Analytics for my local SEO reports. However, their keyword tracker does not track organic and local pack results on Google.com separately. They allow you to either include the local pack or ignore it but you can't choose to track both.

Let me explain how this works with an example. Let's say a site is ranking in the local pack at #3 for "auto detailer" and their website is ranking #8 for "auto detailer", Agency Analytics will show #3 as the ranking for the phrase "auto detailer". If they drop out of the local pack (and drop below #3) then Agency Analytics will show #8 as the ranking for the phrase "auto detailer". This is constantly showing large drops and increases in ranking that are not actually accurate.

Note: They do track Google Maps results separately but that is not the Local Pack on Google.com. I am also aware that other keyword trackers like Whitespark and BrightLocal do have this feature.

Let me just say that I really enjoy Agency Analytics because it makes my reporting super easy and they have many great integrations. I am posting this to see if any other Agency Analytics users are also not satisfied with the way the rank tracker works. I have shared this concern with Agency Analytics but it won't get much attention unless many people report this to Agency Analytics because "updates are based on user demand".

I am posting this to ask for some help. If you have an Agency Analytics account and would also like this feature, please open a ticket with Agency Analytics and let them know. Hopefully, it will get their attention.

Thank you!


LocalU Faculty
Aug 9, 2012
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Hey Dani! We don't use Agency Analytics, so I don't have any advice on this specific issue, but I will say that we absolutely LOVE DashThis if you end up needing to find an alternative.

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