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Thanks for sharing at the "Local Search Pros" Community and here Dan!

SE Land has the scoop!

<a href="">Apple Launches "Maps Connect," Self-Service Local Listings Portal</a>
From Mike

<a href="">List Your Business on Apple with Maps Connect</a>

From BIA/Kelsey

<a href="">BIA/Kelsey Local Media Watch - The Nexus of All Things Local</a>
Here is Andrew's take on it:

Apple Maps Connect F.A.Q. (so far)

He and others have been having a harder time then I did when going through the phone verification. My guess would be a buggy release combined with Apple not understanding how much use it would get.
Phil just posted:

<a href="">Apple Maps Local Business Category List |</a>

Plus check out the active discussion going here at the Local Search Pros Community.

Lots are trying it and weighing in. Join the discussion if you are a Pro.
Andrew just did an indepth post:

<a href="">Apple Maps Connect F.A.Q. (so far)</a>
Oh shoot, I've been so busy posting here, there and everywhere I totally missed it.

Thanks Dan.

(Better to be shared twice than not at all!) :p
A tip for saving time (yours and your client's). When you first enter the NAP info, Apple will ask you to verify by phone. If you verify by phone at this point you will have to do so again after the final data input screen. After the first step you have the option to "Verify Later", which I would recommend because, as I said, you'll have to do it again later on after the final input screen. This will save you from contacting client twice (or more) and getting two (or more) verification codes.

Also, perhaps due to excessive traffic to their servers, the system is very unstable at this point and crashes frequently. It's a good idea to contact the client before you start this process and let them know that the phone verification will be occurring and determine the best time to do so. If the client cannot do the phone verification at the time you complete the data input you can't just keep the tab open and come back to it later. The page will time out and you have to start all over again.
Thanks Jim! I just alerted Pros in the Community about your post above too.
Nice tip Jim!

Thanks for all the great info!

We tried to verify a listing today and had the phone verification fail three times. I'll give it another shot tomorrow. I think the tip regarding using individual accounts (preferably on your clients company e-mail) versus one account for several clients will save countless headaches in the future as this plays out.
Has anyone got past the "Waiting for Review" message after completing the phone verification? We phone verified about eight days ago and the message is still there.
Yelp is feeding Apple Maps. Since Apple finally allowed businesses to add and edit their listings on #applemapsconnect last week, we have been loading our clients onto it. Every client we added was unknown by Apple Maps even those in business over 30 years.

Until today when we went to add a new business open for just a few months. Mapsconnect instantly displayed the business along with a photo and a "Is this your business?". Clicking on that took us into the usual data input screen. At the bottom of the page now is a Yelp logo with "Photos and info from yelp".

Is Yelp/Apple going to create dupes of listings created manually? :eek:

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Colan, I replied earlier today to this but posts here and G+ seem to be going into a black hole:confused:

Anyways, Apple says to expect an email once edits are reviewed and verified. They say this process could take several weeks. Though it's been just over a week, no emails yet other to confirm they got the submission.

I just posted here and on G+ a recent discovery that Yelp is feeding Apple Maps. Perhaps that will shorten the verification process. Provided the biz has a Yelp profile.
Guess It does not work for home based service business..

We apologize, but at this time we are not accepting any home-based businesses without external signage so that we can verify physical presence. If your business qualifies, then please send a photo showing the external sign matching your business name. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause. It’s a security policy to prevent people from creating fake listings at locations where they’re not present. Sorry for any inconvenience.

-Maps Connect Team
Thanks Jim. It will be interesting to see how duplicate listings are created and handled by Maps Connect. Your question is an interesting one that only time will tell. Or perhaps Andrew Shotland has some insight on that one.
Andrew just posted more info and confirms, no home based businesses.

<a href="">Businesses With Residential Addresses Not Allowed In Apple Maps</a>
It's hard to tell Apple's SOP on home-based businesses. I went in to claim a home-based business that was already in Apple Maps, and I think I proposed one or two minor tweaks (not even to the NAP info). I claimed it OK, but then I got the verification email from Apple that asks for a photo of external signage. I'll ignore the email and see which route they take: not make the minor edits I requested, or nuke the listing :)
Will do, Linda!

Possible test case:

As you know, Andrew wrote about how his aMaps listing is in the same situation (as mine). Both listings probably got fed to Apple through Yelp (when I view each in Apple Maps, I see the "More info on Yelp"). So that's probably how they got there in the first place. But my Yelp listing has one review, and Andrew's doesn't at the moment. That's the only difference. It will be interesting to see whether they get the same treatment.

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